Alessi and Becagli born in 1973 in Campi Bisenzio devoted from the beginning to the design and construction of ambulances, vehicles for people with disabilities and special health vehicles. Always attentive to the needs of its customers, the company invests every day in technology and quality, building a new large factory equipped with cutting-edge technical systems, introducing the system of control and quality of products “ISO 9001″ and remaining open to implement any technological innovation that can improve the final product.

Today our ambulances circulating throughout the country, demonstrating their efficiency and functionality in its most difficult moments. Customers who come to our company have in common objectives and intent: the salvation of a life, the practical help to those who suffer, the need to live up to any situation. Our company meets these important requirements with a great knowledge of the product, cutting-edge technology, innovative materials and great craftsmanship.

ALESSI – BECAGLI was one of the first bodybuilders trying to customize the ambulance with the visual systems that identify themselves , trying to find forms that conciliassero the current fashion with the functionality of the media . Our current spoiler AB / CX is designed and built in 2013 by a team of technicians and was presented to REAS OF Montichiari in October of the same year , which other companies you mentioned have done the following year .
Colors are not invented by anyone is the nature that we provide them free and available to all , then the fashion and customer requirements make them ” current ” . For the interior of ambulances for 42 years now ( ALESSI – BECAGLI born in 1973 ) they were used a lot of shades , sometimes abusing them taking into account the purpose for which the vehicle is intended . Peculiarities of our company is in fact to create ambulances “customized ” with a high level standard craftsmanship.