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ALESSI - BECAGLI was founded in 1973 a few steps from Florence, in the heart of Tuscany, a leading region in the design and production of rescue vehicles. Founded by Alessi Mauro and Becagli Boris as a auto body shop, it immediately specializes in the preparation of ambulances and special vehicles such as medical vehicles, vehicles for the transport of plasma and organs, vehicles for the disabled and civil protection.
Always attentive to the needs of its customers, the company constantly invests in technology and quality: in 2001 it builds a large factory equipped with innovative plant systems, in 2004 it introduced the quality control and management system of its ISO 9001 products.
Today, after a generational change in 2010, Alessi-Becagli combines in itself the experience of traditional craftsmanship to the modernity of a new young and dynamic team, a winning mix that has allowed it to grow in the national landscape and beyond.
Tailor made fittings
The company specializes in the preparation of ambulances and is one of the national reference points for those who want a craft product, customized and qualified. The customer follows step by step the construction of the vehicles obtaining a unique final product, tailored to their needs.
We also make other types of special vehicles such as tailor-made fittings for vehicles used to transport disabled people walking and non-walking, we make vehicles for the transport of corpses, vehicles for civil protection, car doctors and mobile clinics.
Alessi-Becagli invests continuously in research and quality, remaining open to accept any technological innovation that can improve the ambulance product.
The strengths of our company remain the experience and craft skills that, together with technological innovation and creativity, they give us the certainty that our passion for this job will continue to make a difference in the preparation of ambulances... for over 40 years transformations for life!
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How to reach us...
ALESSI-BECAGLI is located in Campi Bisenzio about 4 km from the Prato Est exit of the A11 motorway.
Coming from the A1 motorway, exit at Firenze Nord and take the A11 towards Pisa. On the A11 exit at Prato Est.
From the motorway exit always follow the signs for Signa, turning right into Via dei Confini. Follow Via dei Confini for about 3.8 km always in the direction of Signa; Via Castronella is a district on the right, at the corner you will find our indication, take it and continue for about 500 meters. until N.174, on your right.
Via Castronella 174/174A
50013 CAMPI BISENZIO (FI) Italia
C.F. e P.Iva 00676540487
Tel: 0558952049

Sales Office
+39 3356434722
+39 3358353990
Purchasing Department
Assistance and Spare Parts

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Inland Revenue
  • 13,377.34
  • 16/09/2020
  • Tax credit for rental leases D.L. 34/2020
Inland Revenue
  • 264.00
  • 16/10/2020
  • Tax credit for sanitization and PPE, art.125 D.L. 34/2020
Inland Revenue
  • 2,000.00
  • 18/11/2020
  • Contribution for COVID, art.25 D.L.34 / 2020
Inland Revenue
  • 689.00
  • 04/16/2021
  • Tax credit for sanitization and PPE, art.125 D.L. 34/2020
Inland Revenue
  • 1,023.00
  • 11/11/2021
  • Provisions on the payment of IRAP (Regional manufacturing tax), D.L. 34/2020